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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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starts with th a golden cheddar biscuit that's light and fluffy. finally, a breakfast sandwih that toasts warm and flaky right from the microwave. never rock hard, never soggy. with better bread, for a sandwich ch worthy of your morning. marie callender's. it's time to savor. lin >> i have no clue. it was just a door full of kids. this could not be who they were after. >> top stories that we're
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following on this thursday, july 18th. a child is dead and three others injured during an overnight shooting in oakland. we're live with who police are looking for. >> police in berkeley are still on the scene of a rare homicide some 10 hours after the shooting occurred. >> and a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza- erica says a big warm up starts today. >> we are following a developing story and oakland or four people, including three children have been shot. one of those children has died this morning. kron 4 will tran is lauded as saying. >> she was on a play day with her seven year-old friend. they were inside
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with the grandmother and as was someone knocked at the door and shots were fired. it actually penetrated this area and went through this door. one person's stated that it made all the way to the back of the apartment. it is a little hard to tell. it went all the way through and get this, the children were still there. let me show you a picture of the 8 year-old girl. the father told this was hit in the neck. she was begging the family to let her stay the night with her friend. there were born to have a sleep over. never has anything like this happened before. here is a beautiful picture of her. i had a chance to speak to the father. his brother got on the phone and
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called him. he told him that he should come and check out and this is what he found out. >> they were playing and i believe that they answered the door and gunshots, about 10 or 11 of them went off. i believe this break up the door in the grandmother was hit as well as all three children. >> where were you? >> i was at home, cooking. >> do you know why anyone would do this? >> no, it beats me. a house full of kids, normally you don't hear about this. i am speechless, i do not know what to do. >> he seems so composed, he
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is on the verge of breaking down. he is only 24 years old. he stated that the grandmother was inside and the police did confirm that. she went outside and she had r her screaming for help. the ambulance came and it took all of them to the hospital. >> thank you for that update. we are learning the update of the other three victims. they're all in the hospital and oakland police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information. >> we'll get a quick check of the hotter temperatures in just a minute. toss will live oakland
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>> we are off to a cooler start compared to a few hours ago. the same thing goes for you in sunnyvale. 54 degrees right now in downtown san francisco. you can expect low clouds but fast clearing. we have warmer weather on the way. the temperatures will spike up or around saturday and i will have a full details coming up. >> we continue to see early excavations of the metering lights at the bay bridge. that means that before the 6:00 a.m. hour, for years they would not do this until about 6:22 a.m.. but for the last several weeks they have been starting them early. they are already active on already starting to form. highway 1 01 as slow traffic in the northbound direction.
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we still have slow going on interstate 580 and highway for westbound. >> the time is 6 05 a.m.. we are following a berkeley police are investigating a homicide this morning. it was reported just before 7:00 p.m. last night. kron 4 mike pelton joins us live from the scene. >> the victim died at the
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hospital and this is just berkeley's second homicide and neighbors are concerned. >> i am scared because i live two blocks away from here. i do now one any thing to happen on my block. >> at this point berkeley police do not have any suspects but they are asking anyone with information to call them. >> the time is 6 07 a.m.. >> juries have reached verdicts in the trial of two men accused of taking part in the gang rape of a 16 year-old girl. it happened outside of a richmond high
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school homecoming dance in 2009. the girl was found by police slumped underprosecutors say that more than a dozen men were on the scene as she was raped and beaten. ma rcelles peter and jose montano face a long list of charges. the verdict are sealed and we will read them to you later on today. to others that were involved in the rape are already in jail after accepting a plea bargains, and two more are awaiting trial on lesser charges. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. here is live ariels of a union pacific train derailed in tarrant county. the cars are mostly empty, one was loaded
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with semen. the train and initially believed to be carrying ammoammonium nitrate derailed, but according to union pacific spokesman one of the cars was loaded with semen, the other six were in the. the train was traveling from tucson to dallas, two locomotives and seven cars derailed. >> the deadline for bas- rh andartart and its unions to reach a contract deal is quickly approaching. the two sides are still worlds apart, and your commute could be impacted once again on august 4th. members of the transit union have made it clear that if there is no agreement reached by that date, they
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will go on strike once again and that it will be much we saw just a few weeks ago. we asked bart management about the possibility of using replacement workers if >> the president of the transit union says if bart does decide to bring in replacement workers in the event of a strike, she believes public safety will be at risk because those employees will be less experienced. current contract rules say bart cannot begin safety training until the union officially goes on strike. the time is 6:12 a.m.. here is a live look from the van ness ave.
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>> welcome back. grou forecasters say a widespread heat wave will be on the way out by the weekend, but cooler air from canada could also bring the threat of severe thunderstorms. today though, new york city is bracing for another day of temperatures in the high 90s. it's been hot enough in some states the past few days to buckle highway pavement.
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current temps in new york city as we take a live look near times square. and for the rest of the east coast. here are some of >> we have been contending with this heat wave for the past couple of days. thursday and friday will be a another coast the day. as you take a look at the national highs this does not seem to bed. it is low 90's for new york city. these are temperatures that we see all the time. but the humidity is so high and very little wind, that is why it will feel a lot warmer. we are talking about temperatures may feel about 103 degrees. a cold front will move through the great
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lakes and bring cool weather for the entire eastern part of the country by late saturday night. this is something that will continue to monitor. >> meanwhile, in the bay area we have low patchy fog. the good news is that the fog will clear relatively fast. here is a look at the visibility chart. it is just 1 mi. in santa rosa. you should certainly drive with extra caution. into the 8:00 a.m. our the skies should be clear for the livermore valley. putting the clock into motion before lunchtime a lot of the cloud cover will peel back and we will have warmer conditions with plenty of 80s. the ultimate ballot will become in 85 degrees. pittsburg will have a high
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of 95 degrees. downtown san francisco will have a high of 66 degrees. low 70's for oakland. >> the seven day of around the bay shows warmer weather that will continue to approach. might tomorrow, it will be mid '70s. george. >> we continue to monitor a hot spot around the bay. early activation of the metering lights means an early back up. it is bought 16 to 18 minutes for westbound ride. your trip to the san mateo bridge is easy on 880 in both directions. there are no backups to speak of. the golden gate bridge ride is looking a little foggy but we have no problems on the span.
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looking first at the shore freeway as we update the drive times. 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley for interstate 80 and 19 minutes from the heart of the san ramon valley. here is the ride to 580 and it is heavy through the alta mott pass way. the south bay has picked up a little bit of slowing on 1 01 but the rest of the freeway is looking good. there is light traffic and under 25 minutes from the novato to the golden gate bridge. >> a wind shift is turning a southern california wildfire back toward populated areas and has forced the evacuation of more than 6,000 homes, hotels and cabins in idyllwild. huge areas of wilderness have already burned and the mountain community of idyllwild is just about empty at a time of year when it's normally booming.
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residents and visitors streamed down the two highways that led down the mountain toward the larger cities of hemet and banning. temperatures are expected to linger near 100 degrees for the next two days before a weekend cooling trend. seven homes were destroyed or damaged by the wildfire soon after it broke out monday. the fire is about 15 percent contained. >> senators are ready to offer students a better deal on their loans this fall, but future classes could see higher interest rates. the senate could vote as early as today on a bipartisan compromise that heads off a costly increase
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for returning students. the compromise would be a relative deal for students through the 2015 academic year, but then interest rates are expected to climb above where they were when students left campus this spring. rates on some loans doubled on july 1 because congress failed to reach an >> a day after the republican-controlled house voted to delay parts of president obama's health care law, he'll argue that it's working. at the white house today, the president will discuss half a billion dollars in rebates consumers are receiving under the law. he will counter persistent gop criticism that the law is unworkable and must be repealed by highlighting the average $100 rebates being sent to some 8.5 million people. the law requires insurers to spend at least 80 cents of every dollar on medical care or quality improvement, or refund the difference. >> the u-s house today is taking up the republican version of the sweeping 'no child left behind' education law.
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that law governs every school in the country that receives federal education dollars. under the revisions being considered today, teacher evaluations, school improvement plans and academic standards would be up to each state. with no say from the u-s education department. the bill faces near unanimous opposition from democrats and president obama. who's threatened a veto. >> this morning, texas governor rick perry is set to sign into l new abortion restriction bill. it would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. critics say the bill will effectively shut down most clinics that perform abortions in the state. denying access to many in rural areas. only five of the state's 42 abortion clinics currently meet the new requirements under this law. >> the senate is ready to approve the president's choice to head the labor department as lawmakers
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continue honoring a bipartisan pact for acting on some of his top nominations. final confirmation of thomas perez to become labor secretary is expected today. senators are then scheduled to debate whether to clear the way for a vote on obama's nomination of gina mccarthy to become epa administrator. all but six republicans voted against perez after gop lawmakers complained he has refused to give congress his personal emails from a whistle-blower case he was involved in. >> the time is 6:23 a.m.. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. >> we will be right back.
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linewatching wall street this morning. futures trading is mixed this morning with the dow up and the nasdaq and s-and-p 500 down. traders appear comforted by soothing words from the federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke. he says the central bank had no firm timetable for cutting back on its bond purchases and that pushed the stock market slightly higher yesterday. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow climbed 18 points.
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the nasdaq rose 11 and a half points. and the s-and-p 500 rose nearly five points. opening bell is at 6:30. >> san francisco district attorney, george gascon, is bringing in state and federal experts to test the newest security features designed to stop smartphone thefts. those experts will be in san francisco today to test apple's iphone 5 with its "activation lock" and samsung's galaxy s4 with "lojack for android." in this test, the experts will treat the phones as if they are stolen and try get around its anti-theft
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>> here is a live look at the nasdaq, opening bell will be coming up in just a moment. [ birds chirping ] [ reel clicking ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] seize your vacation with southwest's nationwide sale. go to, where our lowest fares are now available starting at $59 one-way. book now at and carpe vacay. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ]
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align the opening bell on wall street. we will have a modest art to training. dow futures are up by 11. we will talk with rob black at 6:45 a.m.. >> we will not talk about the weather due to the warm- up. >> we will be in shorts and sunglasses. the temperatures will not warm as much and they will be kept in check. take a look at the current conditions. it looks like this afternoon will see 90's for the warmest spots. the temperatures will be in the '70s along the shoreline. we have pretty good weather. it
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looks like the temperatures will warm as we get into the weekend. i do have changes to talk about and the temperatures will be a around the seasonal averages will start next work week. the 7 day forecasts will be coming up at 645. >> we continue to monitor a like ride. there are no accidents on the upper deck. the westbound ride is looking the on the span is self there are no problems. your ride to the san mattel bridge and is good it is still only 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge is foggy but there are no delays. >> we are following a developing story out oakland. a child has been shot and killed and three others are injured. will
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tran is live with the latest. >> all the victims were inside of this apartment. some one of not as the door and a child opened the door and this person fired through the door. i am being told that about 10 to 11 shots came to the door. someone even told me that there was a bullet that went all the way through. here is the picture of the 8 year- old girl who died. she was on a play date with her friend. she begged her family to let her stay the night. they told her yes. unfortunately, it cost her her life. whoever did this fired these shots. it hit her in her neck as she was rushed to hospital but they
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were unable to save her life. earlier this morning i had a chance to talk to her 24 year old father. >> here is his reaction. >> i have no clue. the kids came to the door. who was showill shoot at a door full of kitsds. i really do not know. it might have been a mistaken house or anything like that. i have no clue. she comes over here all the time. >> this and father told me that he lived here for almost 20 years and that nothing like this has ever happened. the grandmother, was also hit. she ran out
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with blood all over her screaming for help. the police department came in the suspect had already taken off. at this point, and no are arrests or descriptions are available. i will have more reactions from the father coming up. >> this was just a tragic story. 88 year-old girl was shot and killea eight year old d there is a 7 year old and a four year-old that is still in critical condition. >> berkeley police are investigating the shooting death of a man that happened last month. here is video of the scene. the shooting was reported just before 7:00
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p.m. at derby and grant streets. the man was pronounced dead on the scene. police are talking to witnesses but have not identified any suspects. this is berkeley second homicide of the year. >> police have arrested a man suspected of beating someone under a san jose overpass. police arrested a suspect in the assault, he is identified as 20 year-old robert samuel jaime, who is also homeless. he was booked into jail on suspicion of the salt air on an unrelated felony warrant. the victim, 46 year-old myung shin oh, was found suffering from serious injuries and was taken to hospital. he died on july 6th. >> we begin the news this
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morning with an update out of the east bay. oakland police are promising business owners the that will take action against protesters who vandalize store fronts this week over the george zimmerman verdict. yesterday's the alameda county d.a. office filed charges against three of the nine people that they arrested monday night. this is a youtue video of those protest. in a news conference, in term police chief sean whent says a recent wave of violence is unacceptable. >> nine people were arrested during the oakland protest on monday. this morning we're learning more about three of them. this is picture of the jeffrey
6:37 am
clark. the 30 year-old was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery on a police officer and one count of misdemeanor assault for allegedly attacking a another officer. >> the second suspect arrested it does tanzeen do ha. he was arrested for vandalism. the 34 year-old charged with felony vandalism. he was released on a $10,000 bail, but failed to appear in court yesterday. there is not worn out for his arrest. >> the third suspect is 27 year-old lamar caldwell. he was arrested for use in an unknown object that caused damage to a storefront window. he is being held on
6:38 am
severafelony vandalism pot. a bill is set for $10 and dollars. >> family and friends are still holding out hope in finding a missing oakland toddler. a prayer vigil was held less nine in oakland for 21 year-old daphne webb. she went missing a week ago. about 50 to 60 friends attended the vigil. her father, john webb says that he and other family members are going to be back out today, heading out flyers and try to find out what happened to this little girl. >> we will be right.t back.
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>> this is very exciting. it is fun to be hosting the show. >> the nominations are now in for the 2013 prime-time emmy awards. actors and neil patrick harris and aaron paul made the announcement this morning from los
6:42 am
angeles. creating a buzz and this morning, the netflix series " house of cards " has made any history being the first nomination for a program that is at delivered on line and not television. let's take a look now at the shows with the most nominations. >> the most nomination goes to the heae f-x series " american core stohorro story: asylum " with the 17. hbo drama " game of brown'sthrones"s
6:43 am
next with 16. tied for third is " saturday night live " and the leveraged story " behind the candelabra " with 15 nominations each. the prime-time emmy awards will be on sunday september 22nd.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news on we are watching wall street. we had a drop in the number of americans filing for
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unemployment. then, bernanke testified yesterday. >> we saw a spike in americans filing. this is a again, back out here. there are more jobs. we are set to close at record highs. we kind of all got off track but as far as new records, once again coming seizin our eas season is doing very well. they will go back to shareholders. they will pay a little bit more. >> i cannot imagine anyone on this planet, they stated that h p their business model is all wrong. intel,
6:47 am
came out with average numbers. last year, ceo of facebook mark is a convert stated that they had to go mobile. now, everything is mobile. amazon, netflix is growing their revenue. microsoft is doing the same. if you'll are not on-line, if you not want ouon cloud. >> why do they think that even keep dale going? >> it is kinda like twinkies. hostess took the bankrupt but someone bought them. how long did they stay alive? it was about 30 to 45
6:48 am
days. i was driving this morning and i thought you would never see a 20 truck again. they shut down but delivery from the bakery and now they're going to the warehouses and now the stores can get them. this is the same thing that will happen when daleith dell. >> let's talk about netflix for the first time they had big nominations for their produce the shows. >> i give all the credit to what dariya. they are redefine how we can do media as amazon. these are the companies of the future.
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>> we would check back with rob later with our winners and losers. >> the time is 6:48 a.m.. here is a live look outside from our roof camera. we are waking up to areas of low cloud cover. it looks like into the afternoon it will be warmer. a lot of the low clouds will disappear. you can expect bigger clearing and we will deal with warmer weather for the weekend. i will have the full detail coming up. >> the visibility chart is shown that is less than a mile in santa rosa. just 2 mi. of driving around napa. drive with extra caution. it
6:50 am
is a chilly start to your thursday. low cloud cover is in check but this is a shallow more than leisure. we will see clearing and we will have plenty of sunshine to go wrong. will climb into the 90s today but remain mostly in the '80s. >> the east bay, take a look at the house boss. antioch will be coming in at 92 degrees. as we head into the east bay we have 70's on board. oakland will have a high of 72 degrees. downtown san francisco will have a high of 66 degrees low 80s for redwood city. your extended forecasts shows even warmer weather is on the way and we will continue to gain more degrees for tomorrow and saturday. the
6:51 am
temperatures will be around the seasonal average for next week. >> even with early activation of the metering lights the back up seems to be diminishing. the good news is that a around rest of the bay we are not tracking any hot spots. i will tell you about an accident in just a moment. the bay bridge at the 880 approach was backed up but it is no longer. because the the conditions are great for the westbound ride. the san mateo bridge, the volume is up. it is still an 11 to 20 minutes and route time. the golden gate bridge is still doing okay. there was a report of an accident, and overturn semi truck on the connecting ramp. so far, no impact on the westbound
6:52 am
ride. it may slow the eastbound commute them. the south bay freeway is still slowing for 101 and the guadalupe parkway. the mid peninsula we are problem free coming from the dumbarton and and the san mateo bridge. the more when ride is looking good for 1 01 southbound. the drive time is still under three minutes from onavoatoto down to the golden gate bridge. >> we will be right back. look at 'em.
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>> more good news for athletics fans following yoenis cespades home run victory on monday night. the a's will open gates to the coliseum one hour earlier for all remaining friday home games this season so fans can watch yoenis céspedes take batting practice. cespedes won the all-star game home run derby on monday. gates will open at 4:30 p.m. friday, july 26 prior to the a's game against the
6:56 am
los angeles angels, with céspedes scheduled to hit at approximately 4:40 p.m. gates will also open at 4:30 p.m. on all subsequent fridays. for the july 26th field level, plaza reserved and plaza outfield seats are only $5 due to cespedes' derby win. all those seats >> tiger woods has signed a new endorsement deal with nike to take the place of his current contract set to expire after this year. terms of the contract were not disclosed. this is the fourth contract woods has signed with nike it's estimated woods makes $20 million dollars annually from the company woods will attempt to win his first major since 2008 at this week's british open.
6:57 am
>> >> playing video games can pay off. justin chavarria 1 $250 and dollars in mlb 2k-13's perfect game
6:58 am
challenge. he beat three other finalists and was a guest of major league baseball at the all-star game. >> the time is 6:58 a.m.. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. four people have been shot in oakland one girl has died from her injuries. her family is speaking of this morning. we will have a live report coming up. >> a southern california wildfire has forced 6000 people to flee more than 35 square miles near hemet. we will have an update on containment numbers. >> a lot athletes are walking away with espy awards. we had one here in the bay area. we will cap the winners at 7:45 a.m. with the gary's world.
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>> i have no clue. the kids came to the door. who would


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